Additional package


With ORDER as the second great extension to nuEVOLUTION, you get your personal and individual online shop for selling metal trims and supplies. Apart from this, prices and discounts can be stored and calculated automatically with it. Corresponding delivery notes and invoices for each order can be generated immediately as well.

Via the Intelligent Management System (IMS), all your company departments get the necessary information quickly and without much effort. By means of ORDER, you can depict the whole workflow from offer via order to invoice. ORDER can be used for any company and gives your customers the possibility to place orders quickly and easily at any time.

Allow your customers to automatically price their orders themselves using the price you’ve set for them or use internally to make drawing quotes faster and more simplistic.


  • Individual design
  • Automatic dispatch of documents
  • Evaluation/Controlling
  • Varied functions for price calculations and discounts
  • Order administration with direct input of orders (for orders via telephone)
  • Trade partners: enterprises (creation of customer), contact persons (logins)
  • Material management: materials, article administration (with media library)
  • Setting/shop configurations
  • If required: automatic invoicing with price calculation (adaptable)
  • Free allocation of logins to customers
  • Customer can see the status of the order
Individual pricing and various options for discounts
  • Absolute discount/discount as a percentage per item as well as the possibility of customer-specific discounts


Benefits for customers
  • Draw metal trims in highest precision and without problems directly at the construction site
  • Order matching material together with metal trims
  • Immediate cost summary – automatic calculation in real time
  • Orders at any time
Benefits for office and production
  • Fastest transmission of orders to the company and the production
  • Full information at a glance, summary of all relevant order data
  • Quick, efficient and neat handling of all orders
Benefits for invoicing and controlling
  • Individual and flexible storage of frameworks and values for the organisation of the web configurator
  • Automatic creation of delivery notes and/or invoices
  • Full overview and backtracking of orders
  • Calculation of prices, discounts and further values in real time

Additional modules

Payment control

Determine a maximum outstanding amount with automatic purchase blocking when exceeded. You can, however, release further orders manually.

Further solutions


Start with nuEVOLUTION, and create your orders in highest precision directly from where you want.


PRODUCTION is an expansion to nuEVOLUTION and is used for automated creation of all production data.


With EXCHANGE, you get the possibility of a standard or individual interface to ERP systems.


With pleasure, we create you your personal offer.