Mobile input of profiles via tablet pc from any place

The basic package nuEvolution makes it possible to enter profiles directly, quickly, and uncomplicated via freehand input from any place. Also, the suitable supplies can be added to the order as well.

nuEvolution is the cornerstone of the nuSmartFactory with which everything starts. It is, therefore, the basis for all other modules. Using it, you can:

  • enter internal orders of metal trims and supplies which, among other things, simplifies commissioning.
  • forward orders directly from the building site to the manual production.
  • create immediately documents like job cover sheet, detail views, order overviews or delivery notes.
  • create optionally cutting lists that give information for coil machines/impact shears incl. cutting optimization.


  • TRUE-TO-DETAIL CONFIGURATION of metal trims in real time
  • Immediate DRAWINGS and ORDERS of metal trims and supplies from any place
  • PROFILE ADMINISTRATION - saving profiles, administration of folders
  • WEB-BASED & PLATFORM-INDEPENDENT (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • MULTILINGUAL, international measurement and currency units
  • 3D ASSISTANT for tapered processing


  • 50 USER ACCOUNT inclusive
  • USER ADMINISTRATION - determining of user rights
  • MATERIAL ADMINISTRATION - entering materials and material properties
  • ARTICLE ADMINISTRATION - entering articles and accessories manually or via import of a CSV file
  • ADDITIONAL ITEMS - selection of saved products in order to enter complete construction site orders


  • Merge with CRM and ERP systems
  • ORDER ADMINISTRATION -  combination of multiple orders for cutting optimization and subsequent adjustment of orders received

Automated configuration of:

  • Order overview
  • Detailed view of production
  • Internal delivery note
  • Automated status information mails

Your benefits

Benefits for employees at the construction site:

  • metal trims can be drawn precisely, easily, and neatly directly at the construction site
  • required supplies can immediately be ordered as well and nothing will be forgotten or lost

Benefits for production preparation:

  • quick transfer of orders to the office
  • all information collected at a glance (lengths, angles, material, pieces, ...)
  • absolute overview: orderer, order time, and construction project

Benefits for production workers:

  • full data for manual production of metal trims
  • cutting optimization: combination of various orders

Benefits for invoicing and controlling:

  • explicit classification and analysis of construction projects

nuEvolution can be expanded as follows:

  • nuProduction
  • nuOrder
  • special processing - 3D assistant for punching
  • cutting list - combination/optimization of various cuttings of the same material. Rapid entry (lengths, cutting pieces, ...)
  • SMS service - automated status messages for mobile phones

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