Basic package


The basic package nuEVOLUTION gives you the possibility to enter profiles quickly and without complication via freehand input from any place. You can also add all necessary supplies to the order directly from the jobsite.

nuEVOLUTION is the cornerstone and the basis for all other modules.
The following functions are included:

  • Internal orders of metal trims and supplies
  • Forward orders directly from the construction site to the office for manual production
  • Generate documents immediately like job cover sheets, detail views, order overviews or delivery notes
  • Save all made inputs for documentation purpose or later use


  • TRUE-TO-DETAIL CONFIGURATION of metal trims in real time
  • DRAW AND ORDER metal trims and supplies immediately from any place
  • PROFILE ADMINISTRATION: save profiles (incl. folder administration)
  • WEB-BASED & PLATFORM-INDEPENDENT (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • MULTILINGUAL, international measurement and currency units
  • 3D ASSISTANT for conical processing
  • 6 USERS per license
  • USER ADMINISTRATION – determining of user rights
  • MATERIAL ADMINISTRATION – set up materials and material properties
  • ARTICLE ADMINISTRATION – set up articles and supplies manually or via import of a CSV file
  • ADDITIONAL ARTICLES – selection of saved products in order to create complete construction site orders
  • Combinable with CRM and ERP systems
Automated configuration of:
  • Order overview
  • Detail view of production
  • Internal delivery note
  • Automated status information mails


Benefits for your employees at the construction site
  • Metal trims can be drawn precisely, easily and neatly directly at the construction site
  • Required supplies can immediately be ordered as well and nothing will be forgotten or lost
Benefits for office and production preparation
  • Quick transfer of orders to the office
  • All information collected at a glance (lengths, angles, material, pieces, …)
  • Absolute overview: orderer, order time and construction project
Benefits for production workers
  • Full data for manual production of metal trims
  • Lucid presentation of all orders
  • Complete information of the parts
Benefits for invoicing and controlling
  • Explicit classification and analysis of construction project
  • Material consumption is automatically stated
  • Comprehensible documentation

Additional modules

Internal price calculation

Material prices and price for processing can be stored. In this way, internal costs are displayed automatically per order.


Free input of punching holes and rows


Further solutions


PRODUCTION is an expansion to nuEVOLUTION and is used for automated creation of all production data.


ORDER is an expansion to nuEVOLUTION for your personal online shop and for selling metal trims and supplies.


With EXCHANGE, you get the possibility of a standard or individual interface to ERP systems.


With pleasure, we create you your personal offer.