Connect your workflow with nuIT

to increase productivity and efficiency


One solution: construction site – work preparation – production – office

By using our software packages made for the metal processing industry, you optimise your whole business. Digitisation is the key.


With the standard package nuEVOLUTION and the additional packages, we offer various web-based solutions for roofers, facade engineering companies and companies building halls as well as contract production companies of the metal trim production. Apart from this, industrial companies of this segment use our software solutions as well.

In a first step, you can draw and create your metal trims quickly and easily from wherever you are (e.g. directly from the construction site).
Then, the data together with the corresponding documents are immediately available at the office and the production, and then, you can send it directly to the production machine.

Thus, it is possible for us to cover all needs of a production company according to the industry 4.0.

From the construction site to the company

By using nuEVOLUTION, your employees can draw metal trims directly at the construction site via tablet. All important information and values are recorded at the intuitive user interface. In this way, parts lists are issued and sent via mouse click to the office within a few minutes. There, all orders of the construction site are uniformly and lucidly collected. Automatically, various documents like detail views, cover sheets etc. are created.


Always keep track by using our innovative solutions – from fabricators for fabricators.

nuIT realises your smart factory

A whole new form of producing metal trims is reached by nuIT with its various additional packages. In this regard, production data gained from the orders are sent directly to the respective machine. For cutting systems, a cutting optimisation is created automatically, and for bending machines, data can either be imported directly or read in via bar code scanner.


The whole process from receiving orders, creating documents, work preparation, production, logistics and archiving orders is covered by our software solution.