Unexpected Possibilities

from small manufacturers to big industrial companies

Basic Package


Start with nuEVOLUTION, and create your orders in highest precision directly from wherever you want. Draw and order metal trims along with supplies and articles directly at the construction site.

Additional Packages


PRODUCTION is an extension to nuEVOLUTION and is used to create automatically all production data.
Via connection, this data can be sent fully automatically to the corresponding machine.


ORDER is the extension to nuEVOLUTION for your personal online shop and for selling metal trims as well as supplies and articles.
Prices and discounts are calculated automatically, and the corresponding delivery notes and invoices are created at the same time.


With the EXCHANGE package, you get a standardised interface to load data from an ERP system into our software and to send data back from nuEVOLUTION to the ERP software as well. Additionally, we also can develop individual ERP interfaces based on your needs.

Further Add-Ons & Product Independent Upgrades

  • Internal price calculation
  • Automatic creation of labels
  • Scanner of QR codes for automatic read-in of production data into the machine
  • Punch assistant
  • Bevel cuts
  • SMS tool

The list of add-ons is extended continuously.