• Documennts: New document type detail view products has been added
  • IMS: Materials can now be copied in IMS
  • EVO: Cart texts are not overlapping anymore
  • EVO: Start drawing point of profiles are highlightet by a symbol ("x")
  • EVO: Search functionallity for name/description added to the stored profiles page
  • EVO: Orders can now be reordered easily
  • nuProduction: Added suggestions for the production time of a production order
  • nuProduction: Order of the profile is now shown in the production orders
  • nuProduction: Possibility to add a manual coil machine
  • nuProduction: nuSync Bending Format for machine connection


  • IMS: Increased sice of profile images
  • EVO: Lenght of a profile is now also shown in the profile details sidebar
  • Translation: "Order/Queue" was renamed to "Queue"


  • IMS: Adding a color in IMS is possible again
  • IMS: New added material groups in the IMS are now displayed in the EVO material group filter
  • EVO: Profile line is now displayed normally even with >15 folds
  • EVO: The option "add additional lenght" is deactivated for conical and stamping
  • EVO: Cart header position is now fixed
  • EVO: Cart wording does no longer overlap
  • nuProduction: crop optimization header is only displayed for enabled environments
  • nuProduction: Coil-specific errors are no longer displayed if no coil system is configured
  • nuProduction: Production order profiles can no longer be edited in the order overview

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