Transfer construction data from construction site to production site in real-time


Using nuProduction, you can generate production data fully automatically and send it directly to the corresponding machine.


It is one of the great expansions for nuEvolution and gives you some essential and useful functions.


With nuProduction, data for the construction of a metal trim can be sent directly from the building site to the machine and be produced immediately. In this way, all information about the construction project, the order, the orderer, time and place is available at the corresponding machine where it is needed.


nuProduction is therefore your tool to transfer the desigend profiles in a way so that they can be processed from the production machine automatically. At the same time, several orders can be merged and cutting can be optimized.


Also and apart from its main function and the profile administration, additional articles can be created or several further functions can be used. The whole production can be organized more efficiently and resources can be organized accordingly  via the integrated production calendar.



  • Automatic generation of production data for coil, bending and punching systems
  • individual orders can be combined to production orders for the production in order to work more efficiently
  • Entered production orders are displayed in the production calendar
  • Cutting optimization: standard & layered cutting optimization
  • Labeling of cuttings is possible on selected machines
  • DIRECT MACHINE NETWORKING for automated transfer of data to the respective production unit
  • Sending PRODUCTION DATA to coil systems and bending machines
  • CUTTING OPTIMIZATION (with or without layered cutting) via combination of several orders
  • PRODUCTION CALENDAR for capacity and resource planning
  • individual release of production orders

Additional module:

  • TEXT MESSAGE SERVICE - automated status messages for mobile phones

Your benefits

Benefits for the office and production preparation:

  • immediate transmission of all information about the construction project
  • everything at a glance
  • subsequent adjustments if needed

Benefits for invoicing and controlling:

  • full overview about material consumption
  • clear allocation - material to construction project
  • company controlling via mouse click

Benefits for production worker:

  • efficient production planning (capacity, material requirements,...)
  • full data for the production
  • automatic generation of bending data and cutting programs
  • no data entry at the machine necessary
  • data will be sent fully automatically to the machine
  • connection of coil systems and bending machines via labelling and code scan

The following additional module can be ordered separately:

  • TEXT-MESSAGE SERVICE - automated status messages for mobile phones

nuProduction Preview