Your individual online shop for orders of all metal trims plus supplies in real time

With nuOrder as the second great expansion of nuEvolution, you get your personal and individual online shop for the sale of metal trims and supplies. Apart from that, prices and discounts can be stored and calculated automatically with it. Corresponding delivery notes and invoices for each order can immediately be generated as well.


Via the Intelligent Management System (IMS), the necessary information is quickly and without much effort available at all your company departments. nuOrder leaves nothing to be desired: precise material management, labelling, numerous evaluations for controlling, document management, effective logistics planning and much more.


nuOrder can be used for any company and gives your customers the possibility to place their orders quickly, easily, and without much effort at any time.


At the same time, you can decide whether a price is immediately and automatically calculated for your customers or whether you better want to check and calculate the order initially internally.

  • Online shop for external orders of all metal trims and supplies in real time
  • Intuitive ordering system for customers and partners
  • Design and price individually adjustable
  • Immediate cost control via automated calculation
  • Automated creation of delivery notes and invoices
  • Full overview of material consumption


  • AUTOMATED DISPATCH of  documents 
  • AUTOMATED CONFIRMATION via text message on completion
  • ADMINISTRATION OF ORDERS by direct entry of orders  (for orders  via telephone)


  • TRADE PARTNERS: enterprises (customer creation), contact person (logins)
  • MATERIAL MANAGEMENT: materials, arrticle administration (with media library)
  • SETTINGS / SHOP configurations
  • SUPPLY CHAIN FUNCTIONS: enquiry and order of material at the supplier, order logistics (document will be generated)
  • If required: AUTOMATED INVOICING with calculation of prices (adaptable)


  • Customers can see the status of the order
  • INDIVIDUAL PRICING and various discount options:
    • online discount
    • absolute discount / discount as a percentage per item as well as the possibility of customer-specific discounts

Your benefits

Benefits for customers:

  • draw metal trims precisely and without problems directly at the construction site
  • order matching accessories immediately as well
  • immediate cost summary - automated calculation in real time
  • orders at any time

Benefits for office and production:

  • quickest transmission of orders to the company and to the production
  • full information at a glance
  • quick, efficient, and neat handling of all orders

Benefits for invoicing and controlling:

  • automatic creation of delivery notes and/or invoices
  • full overview about material consumption
  • clear allocation of the orders
  • comprehensive statistics about user behavior
  • evaluations for controlling by mouse click

The following additional module is available:

  • PAYMENT CONTROL - determination of a maximum outstanding amount with automated purchase blocking when exceeded. New orders can however be manually released.